Every idea is put through the grind

Before we involve the development team, the think-tank at IMT is entrusted with the task of looking at the raw idea from all perspectives to ink the road map for the potential app or software to be developed. Typically, the approach includes the following stages:

Stage 1


The landscape in which the final product will operate is analyzed threadbare from every angle. This is the stage that sets the direction for development. A framework or blueprint is created outlining all possible features that will be provided.

Stage 2


Based on the brand name and the logo identity, the creative designer begins to develop the UI/UX. Thereafter, the techies take over and begin the development. The blueprint is fragmented into phases and appropriate technologies, software and skills are assigned.

Stage 3


Once a basic version is ready, it is put to rigorous tests to ascertain its ease of use, revisiting the blueprint if required to see if the features need tweaking or enhancing. An independent test group is put together to obtain feedback from a real life usage. As and when other value added features are developed, they too are put through the test grind. Fine-tuning is an on-going process to eliminate any bugs that crop up as the development process goes on.

Stage 4


A closed and private user group is invited to experience the app or software that is now more or less fully loaded. This Beta version 1 is evaluated with stringent strictures and all feedback is closely monitored and corrective action taken wherever found necessary. New versions are rolled out until such time that it receives a thumbs up from all stakeholders: the client, the tech team, the think-tank and most of all the consumer or user.

Stage 5


After successfully going through the private deployment stage, the app or software is now ready for a Beta launch in real time usage. Depending on the performance, changes if needed are made.

Stage 6


When all systems go, the app or software is ready for the Launch. This is the stage that is thrown open in full force to all users/user groups. Performance however, continues to be monitored, to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation, to full potential.

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